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The role of the diversity of workplace play in china Dissertation

The job of the assorted variety of working environment play in china - Dissertation Example This exploration study breaks down assorted variety in the Chinese associations and the job of decent variety at the work environment. This examination study recognizes the advantages that the associations can have by having decent variety at the work environment. The scientist has utilized essential just as auxiliary information to gather data with respect to the subject under investigation. Essential information is gathered utilizing on the web survey from various representatives working in Chinese associations. Then again, optional information is gathered from books, diary articles, and distributed papers. Along these lines, both essential and optional information assortment techniques have helped the scientist in leading a superior research. 2. Presentation This exploration study centers and examines the assorted variety of human asset in associations and the job of decent variety in the associations especially in Chinese associations. The examination study investigates the gener al circumstance at the working environment in various organizations in China so as to dissect how significant organizations think about assorted variety of human asset. ... The exploration study gathers essential information from various representatives that are working in China so as to dissect whether the associations in China centers around decent variety in the work environment or not. 2.1. Foundation 2.1.1. Assorted variety Diversity in an association has been characterized as an authoritative culture that doesn't have any sort of segregation based on the sexual orientation, age, language, work, position, inability, religion, culture, topographical foundation, and other prejudicial components of the representatives (Esty, 1995). 2.1.2. Equivalent Employment Opportunity Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been introduced about separation of representatives at the associations. This government law is intended to shield the representatives from separation at the work environment based on religion, sex or national source and other unfair components. Equivalent business opportunity (EEO) is characterized as offering equivalent chances and equi valent treatment is given to all the representatives in the association with no sort of issue or separation. It has been discovered that decent variety has become a significant perspective today for organizations as associations that have various representatives are increasingly imaginative, inventive, plan things better, deal with their activities in a superior way and a few different advantages. In this way, thinking about the advantages of assorted variety in an association, organizations have begun concentrating on having human asset that has a place from various foundations. 2.2. Points and Objectives The points and goals of the exploration study are as per the following: Do associations in China center around having assorted variety of human asset at the work environment? What is the job of decent variety of work environment? What is the effect and advantages of decent variety at the work environment in associations in

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Poverty and Pollution Case Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Destitution and Pollution Case Study - Assignment Example Obviously, the suggestions accompany a few advantages of financial flourishing to the detriment of citizens’ wellbeing and consumption in their future. It is the value they get the opportunity to pay for the advantages of hurtful interest in their nations. This report plates human right to a perfect and safe condition, legitimizes the ethical commitments of created nations towards underdeveloped nations for their brought about expenses, lastly, suggests common risk and tariffs as contamination norms that are reasonable for worldwide authorization. Watchwords: Pollution, Environmental Degradation, Third World Countries, First World Countries, Economy and Development, Pollution Control, Industrialization, Investment, Cities, Production, Costs, Price, Business, Regulations Pollution can be classified diversely relying upon its motivation and effect in the social orders. It has become a key touchy territory at the national level, yet at a worldwide administration level, with such a large number of approaches being upheld from the industrialized countries to the underdeveloped nations. Adequately, ecological law is a measure expected to protect the natural unadulterated conditions by forestalling further corruption. Notwithstanding, its application is being paid attention to in industrialized countries dissimilar to in creating countries, who despite everything feel that they need the chance to develop, under the watchful eye of they apply the law viably at a pace the industrialized countries have set in their countries. Air and water contamination have started to lead the pack in bringing genuine mass demolition.

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So You Have a Bad Landlord ... Now What

So You Have a Bad Landlord ... Now What So You Have a Bad Landlord Now What? So You Have a Bad Landlord Now What?If your landlord is refusing to make necessary repairs or is holding your security deposit hostage, heres what you need to do.You laughed along with Bad Santa. You were splitting your sides at Bad Teacher. You’ve chuckled at the Bad Moms and Bad Grandpa. Now get ready for the next installment of the Bad Cinematic Universe… [record scratch] Bad Landlord?!Wait a second, that doesn’t sound funny at all! Dealing with a bad landlord is such a pain. Your home is meant to be a sanctuary where you can relax after a tough day, so having a bad landlord can throw your whole life out of whack. It could even end up as a drain on your finances, the kind that leaves you relying on short-term bad credit loans and no credit check loans like payday loans and cash advances to make ends meet.Let’s address a couple of the most common ways that landlords can be bad and some good general strategies you can employ to deal with them. Hopefully, youll soon be back to once enjoying the serenity of your home as you watch Bad Lieutenant on TV.They aren’t making repairs.This is probably one of the most common ways that a landlord will be “bad.” One of the advantages that renting has over owning is that the landlord or management company is obligated to pay for repairs. This advantage goes away if your landlord is not doing that!“The landlord is responsible to make to make repairs in a tenants apartment, the tenant should not make the repairs on their own,” established NYC Tenant Attorney Sam Goldberg. “If there are defective conditions in a tenant’s apartment they should call 311 and schedule an inspection date for an HPD inspector to check the tenant’s apartment for violations.“Once HPD issues a violation, HPD will give the landlord a certain amount of time to repair the violation depending on its violation class. If the landlord still fails to make the repairs, the tenant should bring an HPD proceeding in housing court. The pr oceeding is predicated upon the HPD violation report and the judge will tell the landlord to repair the defective conditions in the tenants apartment. If the landlord fails to make the repairs, the judge could order civil penalties and in some cases, even hold the landlord in contempt of court.”If you do not want to go to court, there are other paths you can take. However, those paths may still end up with you in court, so be prepared.“Some tenants choose to withhold rent when there are defective conditions in their apartment because they want an abatement in their monthly rent,” explained Goldberg. “If a landlord brought a non-payment proceeding against the tenant, one of the tenant’s defenses to the non-payment proceeding would be ‘warranty of habitability.’The tenant can use the HPD violation report to demonstrate that the defective condition existed in their apartment and use the violation report as part of their evidence to get an abatement on rent in the non-paym ent proceeding.”They won’t return your security deposit.You managed to get through your entire lease and you’re finally leaving that bad landlord behind. It’s a dream come true! But that dream can morph into a whole new nightmare very quickly.“Another issue tenants run into is after they vacate their apartment is the landlord fails to return their security deposit,” warned Goldberg. “In NYC the Landlord has 30 days to return a tenant’s security deposit. When a tenant vacates their apartment they should take pictures and videos and make sure that the photos and videos are time stamped.A tenant should do this so if a landlord withholds their security because of alleged damages, they have photographs and videos to argue against the damage claim from the landlord. If the security deposit is below $5,000.00, a tenant can bring a small claims action against their landlord to try to recover their security deposit back after 30 days.”Check that lease!If you do end up in a legal battle with your landlord, knowledge of your lease will be your greatest weapon.“Believe it or not, many people do not take the time to thoroughly read and understand their lease,” advised Ron Humes, VP of Operations Southeast Region for Post Modern Marketing (@PostMM). “This is the document that will govern the landlord-tenant relationship along with actions and consequences. A lease should have a section regarding the process for reporting substantial repairs needed on the property and the timeframe and consequences of the associated resolution.“If a landlord is not responding to needed repairs this may be a valid reason for voiding the lease contract and receiving a return of deposits. Again, read the lease and understand the process. Since the lease represents the mutual and voluntary agreement of the two parties, this document will be critical to the judge and final decision.”Document everything.You already know to take pictures of any damages that were there wh en you moved in. But that’s not all! Keep track of everything, especially your interactions with the landlord.“Try to work out any issues directly with the landlord,” recommended attorney Matthew J. Kidd (@MattKiddLaw). “However, keep a detailed log of your interactions and try to get everything in writing. As frustrating as the situation may be, always be civil and as reasonable as possible when dealing with your landlord. Don’t let this minor civil issue turn into a possible criminal matter.”And stand together.Even with all of this knowledge under your belt, you’re still going into this situation as the underdog. The landlord controls the space where you live, and that’s a lot of leverage! That’s why you should consider working together with others to even the odds.“When at all possible, see if there are others in your building or unit that are experiencing the same or similar problems,” urged real estate professional Chantay Bridges. “There is strength in numbers. There is a difference between a one-person complaint versus fifty.You all should work together and make certain the owner is aware that the tenants are not going to tolerate living in an unhealthy, unsafe environment, whatever the scenario is. Let your voices be heard.”As with most challenges in life, dealing with a bad landlord will be easier with research, preparation, and teamwork! To read more about housing-related financial issues, check out these other posts and articles from OppLoans:How to Decorate Your Home for CheapIs Rent-to-Own a Good Way to Purchase a Home?How You Can DIY Your Way to Cheaper Home MaintenanceHow Much Money Do You Actually Need to Buy a House?Do you have a   personal finance question youd like us to answer? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  |  InstagramContributorsChantay Bridges is Americas leading mogul, who utilizes her gifts and abilities in outreach to her community and world around her. She is an exceptional Realt or, (translation: the one you want to hire), Author, Speaker and a keen philanthropist with a strong business acumen.Samuel E. Goldberg, Esq. is an experienced tenant’s rights attorney and advocate who provides exemplary representation to tenants throughout the NYC area in all courts and governmental agencies.Ron Humes is currently the VP of Operations Southeast Region for  Post Modern Marketing (@PostMM); a full-service digital marketing company. He has been a realtor as well as an owner and principal broker of his own realty company for 20 years. He has been a custom home builder and owner of a remodeling company. He is an active investment property owner of flips and rentals. He has been a Property Manager for 20 years. He trains investors to purchase, flip and rent properties.Matthew J. Kidd (@MattKiddLaw) is an attorney in Boston. Kidd was recognized by Super Lawyer as a 2018 “Rising Star”. Kidd was also awarded the “Silver Client Champion” award by Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo Clients’ Choice Awards in 2017 and 2018.  Kidd handles a variety of civil issues including bankruptcy, employment, landlord-tenant and personal injury issues in his practice.

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Comparative essay between two poems namely, Half - Caste...

Comparative essay between two poems namely, Half - Caste by John Agard and Unrelated Incidents by Tom Leonard. John Agard and Unrelated Incidents by Tom Leonard. You can clearly see before you begin to read these poems that they are set out differently to your average poem. For example in Unrelated Incidents that there are no more than four words per poem. The punctuation in Unrelated Incidents is based on the phanetic way of spelling, this means that you spell the way speak and pronounce words. The poems is also meant to be spoken in a Glaswegian accent. In Half - Caste it’s spelt and meant to be spoken in a Caribbean Patois. In both poems they’re defending the way that they are (The colour of his skin in Half - Caste†¦show more content†¦He says he is interested in the political nature of voice in British culture. The poem is carefully written in a phonetic version of the Glasgow accent. If you pronounce it exactly as its written, it should sound more or less like a Glaswegian voice. Tom Leonard has played with language in a number of ways, apart from the phonetic spelling: there is almost no punctuation, there are lots of slang and colloquial words like â€Å"scruffâ€Å" and â€Å"belt upâ€Å", the newsreader talks directly to the reader . Tom Leonard is arguing that this is the way the media thinks about him. He believes that the media see the viewers in Glasgow, or indeed the viewers in most other parts of Britain, as â€Å"scruffsâ€Å". Which isn’t fair and is a form of racism. The humour has a satirical edge, he uses humour to make serious criticisms. In the persona of the announcer he states that you wouldnt want him to give the news in any other accent or dialect, because you wouldnt accept that it was true, a voice speaking in a working class accent and using slang is given less credit and has less authority than a BBC voice. Halfe - Cast I think that the gentleman writing this poem (in a rather strange vernacular I own) is somewhat confused. To my mind half-caste refers to one born of two parents, one of a race where the predominant skin colour is black and the other typically white European, or whiteShow MoreRelatedA Picatrix Miscellany52019 Words   |  209 Pagesthe Fashioning of Images† VI. The Picatrix: Lunar Mansions in Western Astrology VII. W. B. Yeats and â€Å"A Vision:† The Arab Mansions of the Moon On Ritual and Talismans Picatrix Astrological Magic Aphorisms Extracts on Planetary Ritual Clothing Twenty Two Benefic Astrological Talismans Astrology, Magical Talismans and the Mansions of the Moon Ritual of Jupiter An Astrological Election of Mercury in the First Face of Virgo for Wealth and Growth XIV. Invocation of Mercury On the Decans and Tarot XV. XVIRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesPerception? 166 Factors That Influence Perception 167 165 Person Perception: Making Judgments About Others 168 Attribution Theory 168 †¢ Common Shortcuts in Judging Others 170 †¢ Specific Applications of Shortcuts in Organizations 173 The Link Between Perception and Individual Decision Making 174 Decision Making in Organizations 175 The Rational Model, Bounded Rationality, and Intuition 175 †¢ Common Biases and Errors in Decision Making 177 Influences on Decision Making: Individual Differences and

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The Struggles of Families in Poverty in The Jungle, by...

â€Å"In twentieth-century America the history of poverty begins with most working people living on the edge of destitution, periodically short of food, fuel, clothing, and shelter† (Poverty in 20th Century America). Poverty possesses the ability to completely degrade a person, as well as a family, but it can also make that person and family stronger. In The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, a family of immigrants has to live in severe poverty in Packingtown, a suburb of Chicago. The poverty degrades the family numerous times, and even brings them close to death. Originally the family has each other to fall back on, but eventually members of the family must face numerous struggles on their own, including â€Å"hoboing it† and becoming a prostitute. The†¦show more content†¦Language further hinders the family. Poverty also has detrimental effects on families. Poor children possess a greater risk for iron deficiency, stunted growth, and asthma. â€Å"For parents struggling to raise a child, poverty adds extensive stress to the family† (Driscoll). As a result of constantly working, Jurgis rarely spends time with his son, Antanas. However, when he suffers an injury he finally gets this opportunity, â€Å"So Jurgis would begin to forget and be happy, because he was in a world where there was a thing so beautiful as the smile of little Antanas† (Sinclair 134-135). While the family remains intact, they do not remain that way for very long. Jonas leaves the family before long, and eventually Jurgis leaves the family as well. â€Å"‘No’, she answered, ‘I don’t blame you. We never have--any of us. You did your best--the job was too much for us’† (Sinclair 332). Marija clearly gave up hope for their family long ago. Another aspect of poverty remains the way a person looks at the family. Regardless of a person’s self confidence and secureness, one cannot help but to care about another person’s opinion. The family receives the evil eye all the time. Jurgis even gets blacklisted from Packingtown, taking away his ability to get a job and support the family. This occurs as a result of Jurgis protecting his wife from her boss who imposed his will on her. â€Å"They gazed at him with pitying eyes--poor devil, he was blacklisted!†¦ he could neverShow MoreRelatedUpton Sinclair and His Influence on Society Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesUpton Sinclair, the famous American author, wanted to be a great influence on society. He was born in 1878 in Baltimore, Maryland, from a family of Southern aristocracy. His father was an alcoholic and his mother came from a wealthy family. When Sinclair was ten, the family moved to New York. His father sold hats and spent his evenings in bars com ing home drunk every night. As a child, Sinclair was an excellent reader and scholar. By the age of fourteen, he began writing in his spare time. Read MoreModern Day Relevance of Sinclairs The Jungle Essay911 Words   |  4 PagesThe Jungle was first published in 1906. Contemporary critics disagree about whether or not the novel has any â€Å"relevance† for modern readers. What do YOU think? I believe this novel has somewhat of a relevance for modern readers in today’s society. In the world of economic competition that we live in today, many thrive and many are left to dig through trash cans. It has been a constant struggle throughout the modern history of society. One widely prescribed example of this struggle is Upton SinclairsRead MoreSocialism in The Jungle1715 Words   |  7 PagesSocialism in â€Å"The Jungle† By Tyler Dobson Sinclair’s  The Jungle  is a novel that tends to advocate for socialism as a remedy for the evils of capitalism that has dominated a society. Upton Sinclair’s piece was written in 1906, at a time when many European immigrants had migrated to the United States with the hope of becoming prosperous in their lives. However, their expectations were not met as some of them ended up being unemployed and those who managed to get jobs like Jurgis Rudkus inRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of The Family In Upton Sinclairs The Jungle?961 Words   |  4 Pages1900s there were already more than 10 million immigrants living in America. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle reveals the struggles and hardships of a family that immigrates to the United States from Lithuania during the 1900s. Although many immigrant families came to America in search of a better life, soon most found themselves barely surviving with no job, food, shelter, or money. As is the case of the family in The Jungle. The novel not only unveils the corruption of the political and economic systemRead MoreJohn Steinbeck s Harvest Gypsies 1664 Words   |  7 PagesThe struggle to obtain social reform in the United States for the working class steadily increased with the urbanization of cities and the expansion of industrialization during the 1900’s. This brought about the publication of several works that challenged the government’s policies. As Upton Sinclair addresses in The Jungle, industry workers were refused the basic human rights that the government vowed to protect. Harvest Gypsies, written by John Steinbeck just 30 years later, brought ruralRead MoreThe Jungle By Upton Sinclair1334 Words   |  6 Pages1900s there were already more than 10 million immigrants living in America. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle reveals the struggles and hardships of a family that immigrated to the United States from Lithuania during the 1900s. Although many immigrant families came to America in search of a better life, soon most found themselves barely surviving with no job, food, shelter, or money. As is the case of the family in The Jungle. The novel not only unveils the corruption of the political and economic systemRead MoreA Cry for Socialist Reform in The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Essay2412 Words   |  10 PagesA Cry for Socialist Reform in The Jungle by Upton Sinclair The Jungle is usually associated with the federal legislation it provoked. Americans were horrified to learn about the terrible sanitation under which their meat products were packed. They were even more horrified to learn that the labels listing the ingredients in tinned meat products were full of lies. The revelation that rotten and diseased meat was sold without a single consideration for public health infuriated the American publicRead MoreUpton Sinclair s The Jungle1438 Words   |  6 PagesThe Jungle and Today Upton Sinclair’s novel, The Jungle, follows the life of Jurgis Rudkus, his Lithuanian family, and friends who all recently immigrated to Chicago in search of a better life. Jurgis, Ona, and the rest of their family find jobs in Packington, the meatpacking industry of Chicago. Quickly they discover the difficulties of surviving in the United States during the early 1900’s through financial troubles, unreliable work, illness, and swindling. Through his novel, Sinclair exploitsRead MoreUpton Sinclair s The Jungle1989 Words   |  8 Pagesbe turned away on a technicality. Even if they made it to America, they faced discrimination and poverty. It was a lose-lose situation for the Haitians. Upton Sinclair seemed to have a similar view of the Lithuanian immigrants of the 1800s. Upton Sinclair is the author of The Jungle, a book that follows a family of Lithuanian immigrants as they travel to and try to make their way in America. Sinclair used the book to speak out about the issues of America through the eyes of immigrants, includingRead MoreThe Jungle Of Upton Sinclair1670 Words   |  7 Pages Amanda Poe The Jungle Paper Dr. Barnhart 03/10/17 The Jungle Upton Sinclair came from a life of struggle. He did not start school until after he was ten years old, but was in college by the age of fourteen. He attended City College of New York until he was eighteen, and then he attended Columbia postgraduate. He studied literature, music, history, and philosophy. Sinclair’s childhood was a rough one. He saw two different sides to social class. Since his father was an alcoholic and would

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Designing a Toasting Oven in Order to Produce Corn Flakes Free Essays

string(60) " high heat and mass transfer rates rapidly dry the product\." Prof. Dr. Suat Ungan Fd. We will write a custom essay sample on Designing a Toasting Oven in Order to Produce Corn Flakes or any similar topic only for you Order Now E. 425 Food Engineering Design Coordinator Middle East Technical University Food Engineering Department Ankara 06531 November 25, 2011 Dear Mr. Ungan, Please accept the accompanying Work Term Report, aimed designing a toasting oven in order to produce corn flakes. In the designed system 10 tons corn flakes per day is produced. After some processes, corn flakes enters the roasting oven at 20% humidity and exits at 4%humidity. The roasting oven can operate at ( ±10 ? C) 225 0C. Toasting oven is designed by considering its length, area and operating temperature. Optimizations are done according to these factors on the cost of the total design. In the design system, rotary drum drier is used. 350 days of the year plant works and production occurs 16 hours in a day. Corn flakes enter the oven at 225 0C . Amount of air is calculated as 0,648 kg dry air/s . Length of the drier is calculated as 2. 27 m. in the result of optimizations done according to proper drying time and dryer diameter. Heat energy needed to raise the inlet temperature of air to 225 0C, is found as 157kw and heat loss is found as 23. 6kw. Through these data, total investment which contains dryer cost and electricity cost is found as 92794. 98TL. Sincerely, group 3 members TABLE OF CONTENT SUMMARY In this design a rotary dryer is designed for drying of corn flakes which have the moisture content 20%. Corn flakes are dried with air 9 % moisture content. The production is done for 16 hours in a day and 10 tons corn flakes are produced per day. In production process, corn flakes are cooked under pressure. After cooking step, big masses are broken to pieces and sent to driers in order to get the moisture level at 20%. After this process, roduct is flaked between large steel cylinders and cooled with internal water flow. Soft flakes are sent to rotary dryers in order to dehydration to 4% final moisture content and toasting. In the toasting oven, flakes are exposed to 225 0C air for 2-3 min. The drier length is calculated as 2. 27 m with the diameter of 0. 082m with the assumption of 4%moisture content inlet air and 9%conten t outlet air. Flow rate of feed is calculated as 0. 206kg/s. Mass flow rate of the inlet air is calculated as 0,648 kg dry air/s. Energy needed for bring the temperature of air to 225 0C is calculated as 157kw and heat loss in the system is 23. kw. By making optimizations total capital investment is calculated as92794. 98TL which includes 84881TL electricity cost and 7913TL dryer cost. Finally by making optimizations, in order to have minimum length and suitable energy for the drier, 215 0C is chosen the best temperature for the inlet air. I. INTRODUCTION Rotary dryers potentially represent the oldest continuous and undoubtedly the most common high volume dryer used in industry, and it has evolved more adaptations of the technology than any other dryer classification. [1] Drying the materials is an important consumption process. It is also one of the important parts in cement production process, and affects the quality and consumption of the grinding machine. Drum dryer is the main equipment of drying materials, it has simple structure, reliable operation, and convenient to manage. However there are some problems which are huge heat loss, low thermal efficiency, high heat consumption, more dust, and difficult to control the moisture out of the machine. It plays a significant role in improving drying technology level and thermal efficiency in drying process, reduce the thermal and production lost. 2] In this design we are asked to design a rotary drier which works 16 hours in a day and produces 10 tones corn flakes per day. Also it is mentioned that, corn flakes enters to drier at 20 %humidity and exits 3-5%humidity. This report is about designing a rotary dryer with its dimensions for considering to get the minimum total cost. Optimizations are done according to inlet temperature of the air to the drier. In the design system heat needed for heating the inlet temperatures and length of the rotary dryer as material cost is thought, and optimization is done by considering minimum total cost for the system. II. PREVIOUS WORK Drying is perhaps the oldest, most common operation of chemical engineering unit operations. Over four hundred types of dryers have been reported in the literature while over one hundred distinct types are commonly available[3] Drying occurs by effecting vaporization of the liquid by providing heat to the wet feedstock. Heat may be supplied by convection (direct dryers), by conduction (contact or indirect dryers), radiation or by microwave. Over 85 percent of industrial dryers are of the convective type with hot air or direct combustion gases as the drying medium. Over 99 percent of the applications involve removal of water. [3] * Rotary Dryer; All rotary dryers have the feed materials passing through a rotating cylinder termed a drum. It is a cylindrical shell usually constructed from steel plates, slightly inclined, typically 0. 3-5 m in diameter, 5-90 m in length and rotating at 1-5 rpm. It is operated in some cases with a negative internal pressure (vacuum) to prevent dust escape. Depending on the arrangement for the contact between the drying gas and the solids, a dryer may be classified as direct or indirect, con-current or counter-current. Noted for their flexibility and heavy construction, rotary dryers are less sensitive to wide fluctuations in throughput and product size. [4] * Pneumatic/Flash Dryer;The pneumatic or ‘flash’ dryer is used with products that dry rapidly owing to the easy removal of free moisture or where any needed diffusion to the surface occurs readily. Drying takes place in a matter of seconds. Wet material is mixed with a stream of heated air (or other gas), which conveys it through a drying duct where high heat and mass transfer rates rapidly dry the product. You read "Designing a Toasting Oven in Order to Produce Corn Flakes" in category "Essay examples" Applications include the drying of filter cakes, crystals, granules, pastes, sludge and slurries; in fact almost any material where a powdered product is required. * Spray Dryers; Spray drying has been one of the most energy-consuming drying processes, yet it remains one that is essential to the production of dairy and food product powders. Basically, spray drying is accomplished by atomizing feed liquid into a drying chamber, where the small droplets are subjected to a stream of hot air and converted to powder particles. As the powder is discharged from the drying chamber, it is passed through a powder/air separator and collected for packaging. Most spray dryers are equipped for primary powder collection at efficiency of about 99. 5%, and most can be supplied with secondary collection equipment if necessary * Fluidised Bed Dryer; Fluid bed dryers are found throughout all industries, from heavy mining through food, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They provide an effective method of drying relatively free flowing particles with a reasonably narrow particle size distribution. In general, fluid bed dryers operate on a through-the-bed flow pattern with the gas passing through the product perpendicular to the direction of travel. The dry product is discharged from the same section. * Hot Air Dryer- Stenter; Fabric drying is usually carried out on either drying cylinders (intermediate drying) or on stenters (final drying). Drying cylinders are basically a series of steam-heated drums over which the fabric passes. It has the drawback of pulling the fabric and effectively reducing its width. For this reason it tends to be used for intermediate drying * Contact Drying- Steam Cylinders/Can; This is the simplest and cheapest mode of drying woven fabrics. It is mainly used for intermediate drying rather than final drying (since there is no means of controlling fabric width) and for pre drying prior to stentering. * Infra red drying; Infrared energy can be generated by electric or gas infrared heaters or emitters. Each energy source has advantages and disadvantages. Typically, gas infrared systems are more expensive to buy because they require safety controls and gas-handling equipment, but they often are less expensive to run because gas usually is cheaper than electricity. Gas infrared is often a good choice for applications that require a lot of energy. Products such as nonwoven and textile webs are examples where gas often is a good choice. [5] * III. DISCUSSION For the designed system a rotary drum dryer is chosen. Rotary drum dryer  is used for drying material with humidity or granularity in the industries of mineral dressing, building material, metallurgy and chemical. It has advantage of reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption[6]   advantages of drum dryer: | | Suitable for handling liquid or pasty feeds. Product is powdery, flaky form Uniform drying due to uniform application of film. Medium range capacities. Very High thermal efficiency Continuous operation Compact installation Closed construction is possible  [7] By hot air stream, heat for Toasting of the flakes in the drier, or in the oven, is provided instead using flat baking surfaces. Depending on the production type and flow rate, drum dryer satisfies rotating at a constant speed, the slope and the length. The drum is also perforated so that allows the air flow inside. The perforation should not too much large but also prevent the escape of flakes. Also, during the thermal treatment browning, expansion degree, texture, flavour, storage stability is determined. In order to obtain the correct values, the drying temperature and time should be adjusted properly. For the optimization of the system, length of the drier, diameter value, working temperature are affect fixed cost, variable cost and the heat loss from the system is considered. First at all, changing by temperature how affect necessary length is calculated T air in| Z| 210| 2,308504| 215| 2,296091| 220| 2,284367| 225| 2,273274| 230| 2,262764| 235| 2,252792| It is seen that after temperature of the hot air increases, the necessary length of the system decreases . Due to decreasing of necessary length of the system , area decreases also , so fix cost is decreased (Money of dryer + installation) on the other hand according to table 6 T air in| Q system| electric cost| Area| money for cost of dryer + installation| total cost| 210| 146,708| 79222,32709| ,231014| 7949,192995| 87171,52| 215| 150,2011| 81108,57297| 1,224622| 7936,763821| 89045,34| 220| 153,6941| 82994,81886| 1,218584| 7925,023661| 90919,84| 225| 157,1872| 84881,06474| 1,212872| 7913,916768| 92794,98| 230| 160,6802| 86767,31062| 1,20746| 7903,393249| 94670,7| 235| 164,1733| 88653,5565| 1,202325| 7893,408318| 96546,96| TABLE 6 Q loss is increased , by temperature increase so variable cost(electric c ost ) is increased also. owever, due to not big changing in the areas fix cost variable do not change too much by increasing or decreasing the temperature, but Q loss, on the other hand, makes too much difference by increasing or decreasing the temperature and also electrical cost for one kw/h is 0. 15 TL ,the difference of changing one temperature to other one is too big than fix cost. And according to data and tables, the optimum temperature is 2100C due to this reasons do not have a specific curve to us , the result is predicted as the minimum temperature. i. Assumptions * Working time of the plant is assumed as 16 hours Drying time is assumed as 150 seconds (optimum time is given as 2-3 minutes). * Surface temperature of the corn flakes entering the drier is assumed as 25oC(Tfeed=25oC) * Humidity of the air at the inlet and the outlet is assumed as 0. 04 and 0. 09, respectively. * Specific heat of the air is assumed as constant. ( cp,air=1. 02kj/kg*K) * Only the constant drying rate is considered in the calculations since it has a critical moisture of 4. 5-5. 2 %. [4] * The shape of the flakes is assumed as spherical. * Radius of dryer is taken as 0. 082 m The efficiency of the drier is assumed as 85% to realize the calculations. ii. Possible source of errors * The shape of the corn flakes may not be perfect spheres. * Calculations may be done improperly due to the air humidity assumptions. * The corn flakes may be stuck on each other. * IV. RECOMMENDED DESIGN 1. Drawing of proposed design 2. Tables Listing Equipment an Specifications Equipment| Specifications| Rotary Drum Dryer| Heating Medium: Hot Air * Temperature : 225 o C * Humidity in: 0. 04 kg water / kg dry air * Humidity out : 0. 09 kg water / kg dry airLength: 2. 27 mPeripheral Area: 1. 13 m2Material: Stainless SteelType: PerforatedProcessing time: 3 minutes or 150 seconds| TABLE 1 3. Tables for Material and Energy Balances T air, in ( °C)| 210| 215| 220| 225| 230| 235| T air, out ( °C)| 163 . 67| 167. 57| 171. 48| 175. 37| 179. 27| 183. 16| Product rate (kg/s)| 0. 174| 0. 174| 0. 174| 0. 174| 0. 174| 0. 174| Feed rate (kg/s)| 0. 206| 0. 206| 0. 206| 0. 206| 0. 206| 0. 206| Mass of air (kg/s)| 0. 648| 0. 648| 0. 648| 0. 648| 0. 648| 0. 648| H in, air (kj/kg)| 226. 107| 231. 490| 236. 874| 242. 257| 247. 641| 253. 25| H out, air (kj/kg)| 192. 191| 196. 767| 201. 343| 205. 912| 210. 495| 210. 071| Q (kj/s)| 33. 916| 34. 724| 35. 531| 36. 339| 37. 146| 37. 954| Q loss (kj/s)| 22. 006| 22. 530| 23. 054| 23. 578| 24. 102| 24. 626| T feed in ( °C)| 25| 25| 25| 25| 25| 25| T feed out ( °C)| 46. 253| 46. 275| 46. 298| 46. 320| 46. 343| 46. 366| Z, length (m)| 2. 32| 2. 296| 2. 284| 2. 273| 2,263| 2. 253| A, peripheral area (m)| 1. 231| 1. 224| 1. 219| 1. 213| 1. 207| 1. 202| time (seconds)| 150| 150| 150| 150| 150| 150| TABLE 2 4. Process Economics According to 225oC QSYSTEM =157,18 kJ TEDAS ,for 1KW/hour electric , cost is 0. 5TL. —————â €”——————————- Electric cost = QSYSTEM *3600*0,15 Eqn 19 Electric cost=84881,065TL ————————————————- Area =(2*? *r*z)+(2*? *r2) Eqn 20 AREA;=1,2128m2 For money cost dryer and installation a formula is found which is ————————————————- Cost = 5555,56+ 1944,44*area Eqn 21 money cost dryer and installation= 7913. 91TL ————————————————- Total cost = electric cost + money cost dryer +installation EQN 22 Total cost=92794,98TL T air in| Q system| electric cost| area| money for cost of dryer + installation| total cost| 210| 146,708| 79222,32709| 1,231014| 7949,192995| 87171,52| 215| 150,2011| 81108,57297| 1,224622| 7936,763821| 89045,34| 220| 153,6941| 82994,81886| 1,218584| 7925,023661| 90919,84| 225| 157,1872| 84881,06474| 1,212872| 7913,916768| 92794,98| 230| 160,6802| 86767,31062| 1,20746| 7903,393249| 94670,7| 235| 164,1733| 88653,5565| 1,202325| 7893,408318| 96546,96| TABLE 6 FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 V. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS To sum up, the aim of this design project is to design a toasting oven for corn flakes to decrease its moisture content from %20 to 3-5 %. For this purpose, by using inlet temperature, humidity of air and inlet temperature and moisture content of corn flakes the system is designed. Moreover, during calculations length and radius of dryer, operating time, operating capacity and heat losses from the system is considered. After doing this calculation, the optimization done by altering the working temperature of the system and dryer radius and by considering heat losses from the system. These alterations affect to the both variable and fixed costs and different fixed and variable cost values are obtained. Different total costs values are obtained by using fixed cost and variable cost values and optimization is done. Finally, it is conculed that the dryer length is 2. 27 m when inlet air temperature is 225 oC. However, optimum length is obtained when the inlet air temperature is 215 oC which is 2. 296 m by considering total cost for the system. As a result, theoretical calculations are integrated with practical approach and feasible system is designed for the problem. As a recommendation, for the drying process of corn flakes other dryer types can be used. Fluidized bed dryer can be used for this process. There are some important advantages of this dyer. As an example, this type of dryer has very high thermal efficiency and low processing temperature can be used for the processing. [8] Moreover, the system should be controlled carefully, because any fluctuations in the temperature or other variables could made adverse effects. Temperature of the inlet air should be censored and color censor should be added to outlet of product to control the quality in a best way. VI. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Special thanks for their help and support to our instructors: Prof. Dr. Suat UNGAN Assist. Cem  Ã‚ · BALTACIOGLU * VII. TABLE OF NOMENCLATURE xfeed = kg solid/kg feed xproduct = kg solid/kg product Xfeed = kg water/kg dry solid Xproduct = kg water/kg dry solid Humidity air in= kg water/kg dry air ? =density (kg/m3) Q =volumetric flow rate (m3/s) V=speed (m/s) D= diam eter (m) g= gravitational acceleration (m/s2) Qloss = kJoule Hin = Kj /kg dry air hproduct = kJ/kg Gair = kg dry air/m2. s * VIII. REFERENCES [1] Retrieved on November 2011 from; http://www. process-heating. om/Articles/Drying_Files/d238aadb9d268010VgnVCM100000f932a8c0____ [2] Retrieved on November 2011 from; http://www. rotary-drum-dryer. com/Knowledge/2011-05-08/141. html [3] Retrieved on November 2011 from; http://www. energymanagertraining. com/bee_draft_codes/best_practices_manual-DRYERS. pdf [4] Retrieved on November 2011 from; http://www. barr-rosin. com/products/rotary-dryer. asp [5] Retrieved on November 2011 from; http://www. thinkredona. org/rotary-dryer [6] Retrieved on November 2011 from http://www. blcrushers. com/chanping/2011-08-17/111. html? gclid=CM39p73vxKwCFQkLfAodemc4rw [7] Retrieved on November 2011 from http://www. rrowhead-dryers. com/drum-dryer. html [8]retrieved on November 2011 from http://www. directindustry. com/prod/british-rema-processing-ltd/fluidized -bed-dryers-62696-580253. html * IX. APPENDIX SAMPLE CALCULATIONS Mass values and fractions data: Capacity = 10000 kg per day product As assumed working time = 16 hours per day Product flow rate = (10000kg/day)*(1day/16hours)*(1 hour/3600) Product flow rate=0,174 kg/s Feed flow rate = (0,174*0,95)/0,8 Feed flow rate= 0,206 kg/s Moisture content of feed = 0,2 kg water/kg feed Moisture content of product = 0,05 kg water/kg product xfeed = 0,8 kg solid/kg feed product = 0,95 kg solid/kg product Xfeed = 0,2/0,8(=0,2/0,8=0,25 kg water/kg dry solid) Xfeed= 0,25 kg water/kg dry solid Xproduct = 0,05/0,95(=0,05/0,95=0,053 kg water/kg dry solid) = 0,053 kg water/kg product Xproduct= 0,053 kg water/kg product Temperature humidity data: Temperature of the air in = 225 oC Temperature of the feed = 25 oC Humidity air in = 0,04 kg water/kg dry air Humidity air out = 0,09 kg water/kg dry airH For finding G value, water balance is made as ———————â⠂¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€- G*Hin + F*Xfeed/[(1+Xfeed)] = G*Hout + P*Xproduct Eqn 1. G*0,04 + 0,206*[0,25/(1+0,25)] = G*0,09 + 0,174*[0,053/(1+0,053)] G= 0,648 kg dry air/s For finding energy balance, Hin , Qloss , Hout are calculated ————————————————- Hin = (1,005+1,88* Hin)*Tair,in Eqn2. (Material and Energy Balances in Food Engineering, Esin, A. 1993, p. 429) Hin = (1,005+1,88*0,04)*225 Hin = 242,25 kJ/kg dry air As efficiency is taken 85% ————————————————- Qloss = 0,15*Hin (85% efficiency) Eqn3. Qloss = 36,33 kJ/kg dry air ————————————————- Qloss in system = G*Qloss Eqn4. Qloss in system = 0,648*36,456 Qloss in system = 23,578 kJ/s ————————————————- Hout = (1,005+1,88* Hout)*Tair,out Eqn5. (Material and Energy Balances in Food Engineering, Esin, A. 1993, p. 429) Hout = 1,1742*Tout Energy balance: ————————————————- G*Hin = G*Hout + Qloss Eqn6. 0,648*243,045 = 0,648*(1,1742Tair,out) + 23,626 Tout air = 175,369oC Use eqn 5. And Hout is found as Hout = 205,91 kJ/s ————————————————- Siebel’s Equation: 33,49*(H2O) + 837,4 Eqn 7. (Material and Energy Balances in Food Engineering, Esin, A. 1993 Eqn 5-33 p. 211) So , by using this equation cp,feed = 1,5 kJ/kg. oC cp,product = 0,98kJ/kg . oC ? feed = 1390 kg/m3 ————————————————- hfeed = cp,feed*Tfeed Eqn. 8 hfeed = 1,5*25 hfeed = 37,5 kJ/kg ————————————————- hproduct = cp,feed*Tproduct Eqn. 9 hproduct = 0,98*Tproduct Energy Balance: G*Hin + F*hfeed = G*Hout + P*hproduct + Qloss Eqn 10. 0,648*243,045 + 0. 206*37. = 0. 648*206. 59 + 0. 174*0. 98* Tproduct + 23. 63 Tproduct = 46,32 oC hproduct = =45,39 kJ/kg As mentioned, assumption of radius of dryer is taken 0. 082 m ————————————————- Gair = 0,648/(? *r2) Eqn. 11 Gair = 30,68 kg dry air/m2. s ————————————————- hair = 1,17*(Gair)0,37 Eqn. 12(Transport Process and Separation Process Principles, Geankoplis , Eqn 9-6-10 p. 583) hair= 4. 5 kj/ kg cp,air=1. 02kj/kg*K ————————————————- HTOG = (Gair*cp,air)/hair Eqn. 13 (Mass Transfer Operation, Treybal, p. 704) HTOG= 7. 535 Tair,in = 225 Tair,out = 175. 369 Tfeed = 25 Tproduct =46. 32 So TG is found by ————————————————- TG = Tair,in – Tair,out Eqn. 14 TG = 49. 06 ————————————————- TM = [(Tair,in – Tfeed) + (Tair,out – Tproduct)]/2 Eqn. 15 TM = 164,52 ————————————————- NTOG = TG/TM Eqn. 16 NTOG = 0,301 ————————————————- z = NTOG*HTOG Eqn 17 z= 2,27 m ————————————————- QSYSTEM=Gair*Hin Eqn 18 =242,25*0,648 QSYSTEM =157,18 kJ TEDAS ,for 1KW/hour electric , cost is 0. 15TL. ————————————————- Electric cost = QSYSTEM *3600*0,15 Eqn 19 Electric cost=84881,065TL ———————————————— Area =(2*? *r*z)+(2*? *r2) Eqn 20 AREA;=1,2128m2 For money cost dryer and installation a formula is found which is ———————————————†”- Cost = 5555,56+ 1944,44*area Eqn 21 (Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, Max . S. Peters) money cost dryer and installation= 7913. 91TL ————————————————- Total cost = electric cost + money cost dryer +installation EQN 22 Total cost=92794,98TL For finding changes due to increasing temperature to higher or lower (  ±10 ? C) from 225oC Humidityin and Humidityout are taken constant. Humidity air in = 0,04 kg water/kg dry air Humidity air out = 0,09 kg water/kg dry airH T air in| Hin| Q loss| Qloss in SYSTEM| Tair out| Hout| 210| 226,107| 33,91605| 22,00620197| 163,6782| 192,191| 215| 231,4905| 34,72358| 22,53015916| 167,5753| 196,7669| 220| 236,874| 35,5311| 23,05411635| 171,4724| 201,3429| 225| 242,2575| 36,33863| 23,57807354| 175,3695| 205,9189| 230| 247,641| 37,14615| 24,10203073| 179,2666| 210,4949| 235| 253,0245| 37,95368| 24,62598792| 183,1637| 215,0708| TABLE 4 Gair and h are constant , as I found before as hfeed = 37,5 kJ/kg and Gair =30,68 T air in| T product| h product| h air| h TOG| TG| TM| N TOG| z| 210| 46,25308| 45,32802| 4,152621| 7,535866| 46,32179| 151,2126| 0,306336| 2,308504| 215| 46,27571| 45,3502| 4,152621| 7,535866| 47,42469| 155,6498| 0,304688| 2,296091| 220| 46,29834| 45,37238| 4,152621| 7,535866| 48,52759| 160,087| 0,303133| 2,284367| 225| 46,32097| 45,39455| 4,152621| 7,535866| 49,63049| 164,5243| 0,301661| ,273274| 230| 46,3436| 45,41673| 4,152621| 7,535866| 50,73339| 168,9615| 0,300266| 2,262764| 235| 46,36623| 45,43891| 4,152621| 7,535866| 51,83629| 173,3987| 0,298943| 2,252792| TABLE 5 T air in| Q system| electric cost| area| money for cost of dryer + installation| total cost| 210| 146,708| 79222,32709| 1,231014| 7949,192995| 87171,52| 215| 150,2011| 81108,57297| 1,224622| 7936,763821| 89045,34| 220| 153,6941| 82994,81886| 1,218584| 7925,023661| 90919,84| 225| 157,1872| 84881,06474| 1,212872| 7913,916768| 92794,98| 23 0| 160,6802| 86767,31062| 1,20746| 7903,393249| 94670,7| 235| 164,1733| 88653,5565| 1,202325| 7893,408318| 96546,96| TABLE 6 FIGURE1 FIGURE 2 FIGURE 3 According to figures, most suitable temperature is 210oC by making optimization. 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Othello Vs Henry V Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Othello Vs. Henry V Essay, Research Paper Many see William Shakespeare England s first dramatic poet. William Shakespeare used bing narratives as a footing for many of his dramas. For illustration Shakespeare s Othello was based on a narrative in Cinthio s Hecatommithi UN Captitano Moro. In Shakespeare s version of this drama he stressed the play in many ways. Shakespeare besides significantly changed the narrative s stoping from the original. He emphasized the qualities of love, retaliation, and desperation. William Shakespeare s Henry V was non considered to be one of his better plays ; it really was the concluding installment of three predating dramas. Richard II and Henry IV, parts I and II all lead the reader to the secret plan of Henry V. Henry V was foremost performed in 1599 at the Globe Theater. William Shakespeare had already written, Richard II ( 1593 ) , Richard III ( 1594 ) and Henry IV, in three parts, ( 1597-1958 ) . We will write a custom essay sample on Othello Vs Henry V Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Henry V completed a series of dramas that covered English political history from 1398 to 1485. The preceding plays showed Henry when he was immature. They portrayed how members of the lower category ever accompanied him. Richard II and Henry IV depicted Henry as he learned to understand his common topics and found his ain sense of worth. Many scenes from Henry V show Henry s merciful nature and his personal beliefs on faith and justness. In many of William Shakespeare s works he used correspondent secret plan construction. This technique involves puting two characters is the same state of affairs, but each character makes a different determination about the state of affairs. An illustration of correspondent secret plan construction in Othello occurs when Iago lies to both Othello and Desdemona. Iago, in his choler for being passed up for publicity, plans to destruct Othello s relationship with Desdemona. He does this by stating Othello that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him with Cassio. In conformity with this technique Othello becomes really distant from Desdemona after hearing these prevarications while remains unagitated and denies the false accusals. Othello, known for his bad pique, finally becomes crazily huffy at Desdemona and kills her in a tantrum of choler. Othello and Desdemona were both put in a state of affairs that could hold been resolved with forbearance and clip, but where Desdemona made the right determination of staying composure, Othello lost his pique. After Othello slayings his married woman, he finds out that she was neer unfaithful to him. Othello so kills himself and falls into the bed beside his married woman. Analogous secret plan construction creates more play and surprise in the drama. In most state of affairss, one character is placed in a state of affairs and makes the right determination, while another character makes the incorrect determination. An illustration of correspondent secret plan construction in Henry V is when King Henry disguises himself as a soldier and meets with three work forces including Michael Williams the dark before the Battle of Agincourt. King Henry puts himself in the state of affairs of a soldier, to see what his work forces thought of him. King Henry negotiations to Michael Williams, and Williams inquiries why the King would pay this war. Michael Williams neer doubts his ain obeisance to the Crown yet he wonders if the King feels any sorrow for the soldiers who are about to decease in conflict. King Henry, in camouflage, listens to Williams really carefully and suggests that they fight after the conflict so they exchange baseball mitts this manner they woul d acknowledge each other. When Michael Williams realizes that the adult male he was supposed to contend was really the King, he defends himself candidly. King Henry rewards the honest soldier with the baseball mitt, which he filled with money. King Henry was honored to see that his soldiers were loyal to him. This is in direct contrast to Lord Scroop, The Earl of Cambridge, and Sir Thomas Grey, who were the King s friends until the Gallic in secret offered them money to assassinate the male monarch. They would hold killed Henry if they were non caught. Alternatively the treasonists were charged with lese majesty and killed. These work forces caused King Henry to inquire who he could swear. In this illustration of correspondent secret plan construction the King is placed in two separate state of affairss # 8211 ; one of being proud because of his loyal soldiers and one of treachery from his friends. William Shakespeare s Hagiographas show how jealousy regard, power, glorification, and awards can make a better life or destruct a individual wholly. There are many unexpected effects, which are brought about by award and glorification. Shakespeare is known for his ability to make a temper or puting where as the reader can really set themselves in the place of the character. Bing able to understand a character s emotion helps the reader or audience to see the character otherwise in his or her ain head. Othello is a play about a baronial black Arab general, Othello. Othello falls in love with and marries Desdemona. Desdemona is the immature white girl of a senator. Desdemona s father hatreds Othello and discourages her from seeing him. The character of Othello has certain traits that can do him look naif and of a lower category than others he is accompanied with. During the first scenes of the drama, Othello is shown as a hero of war and as a adult male of great award and glorification. Other characters of the drama all form assorted sentiments of Othello. Iago, the soldier who got passed over for publicity to lieutenant by Othello, explains his disfavor for the general. Throughout Othello, many characters are refered to symbollicaly as animate beings. Othello is disrespectfully referred to by Iago as a black random-access memory, and Desdemona is referred to a white Ewe. Iago shows his discourtesy and green-eyed monster of Othello and Cassio in his first monologue. Othello is shown to be a proud but dark adult male. He is non merely dark because of the colour of his tegument but besides dark in personality. He is referred to as holding a dark personality and is of a cryptic nature. In some fortunes, Othello can be really outgoing and trusting, and he can easy be fooled or tricked. This is one of Othello s major failings and it causes him non to detect what Iago has planned. The glorious Othello is honored and respected as a war hero in the first scenes of the drama. Iago, with his program to destruct Cassio and Othello, speaks with Othello and tells him that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him with Cassio. This took a batch of converting on Iago s portion, but finally Othello starts to oppugn his married woman s fidelity. Iago s program is to destruct the glorious and all powerful Othello, and to hold Othello kill Cassio. During the ulterior scenes of the drama, Othello is convinced by Iago that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him. Othello isolates himself from everyone, and he begins to believe about what has happened. He merely briefly speaks with Iago, believing that he can be trusted and that he is Othello s merely true friend. Othello makes an understanding with Iago saying that he will kill Desdemona for rip offing on him, and that Iago should kill Cassio. Othello follows through with his oblique program and putting to deaths Desdemona. Soon after Desdemona s decease, Emilia, Desdemona s lady in waiting and Iago s married woman, finds Desdemona s organic structure and attempts to explicate to Othello that Desdemona had ever remained faithful to him. Before Emilia could complete stating this to Othello, Iago kills her. Meanwhile, Cassio, still alive but wounded, supports Emilia s narrative, saying that Desdemona was neer unfaithful to Othello. At this point Othello, realizes the great error he has made. Othello s strong emotions of love, green-eyed monster, and detest all combined and further intensified, conveying about this tragic stoping. Othello realizes that he has committed a horrific act out of green-eyed monster and insecurity. Othello so stabs himself and dies on the bed next to his married woman. The decision of the calamity shows that, in bend, all emotions can convey entire devastation to any peace of head or felicity that a character might hold. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. Shakespeare wrote approximately merely how powerful it can be and the harm it can do. Othello reminds worlds that they are really vulnerable and must accept everyone for who they are. Othello realized that by killing Desdemona, he had given up everything he had. All of his glorification and award had, at that minute, been destroyed by his ain custodies. William Shakespeare s Henry V was considered to be a extremely political drama in 1599. The drama was created in esteem of King Henry V, a character with a baronial and honest nature. This drama portrays how Henry, contending and winning conflict after conflict, proved his glorification on all histories. Henry V took over the throne in the early 1400 s. At this clip in England s history, civil wars had left the people in a frenetic province. In order to gain the people s trust and derive their regard, King Henry learns to outgrow his stripling yesteryear. The immature prince of France, Dauphin, sends King Henry tennis balls. The tennis balls have a symbolic significance. The Prince intended that Henry should be out playing instead than presenting war with France. In response to this contemptuous gift, King Henry decides to occupy France. King Henry gathers his military personnels and prepares them for conflict. Just before his fleet sets sail, King Henry is informed that the Gallic have paid off three of his work forces to assassinate him. King Henry is really surprised to happen out that one of the three work forces was his friend, Lord Scroop. The three work forces are arrested, and Henry orders the executing of all three treasonists. King Henry had no pick but to put to death these work forces to protect his glorification, name, and award. King Henry now knows he has to be careful when taking who deserves his trust. King Charles, the swayer of France, meets with his top military leaders and boy, Dauphin, to discourse their program to halt the English invasion. Dauphin is once more disrespectful towards King Henry naming him a vain, shoal, humourous young person ( 2.4.28 ) . The constable of France warns Dauphin about King Henry s courage and his glorification in conflict. King Henry arrives with his soldiers at the port of Harflear and proceeded to assail the garrison. Soon after the flourish sounds, the governor of Harflear asks to talk with King Henry. The governor informs Henry that Dauphin is unable to direct any more soldiers and hence will give up. King Charles has gathered his Lords to state them that King Henry is get the better ofing their soldiers and go oning his invasion. King Charles orders his Lords to garner work forces and meet Henry in conflict. The constable realizes that the Gallic outnumber the English, which gives the Gallic the false feeling that they can easy get the better of King Henry and his ground forces. To turn out how moral and just King Henry is, and how he protects the repute of the English ground forces he allows his friend Bardolph to be executed. Bardolph was caught stealing by one of his superior officers. King Henry felt sorrow for Bardolph, cognizing that he could easy save his life, but he is a adult male of ethical motives and stealing gave the English ground forces a bad repute. At this point of the drama King Henry is funny to see what his soldiers think of him. Henry knows that he would non be able to acquire an honest response from a soldier if he did non mask himself. The King borrows a friend s jacket and walks around as if he were an ordinary soldier. Henry Michigans and speaks with two soldiers, Bates and Williams. Bates says to Henry that the common soldiers would instead travel place because they knew that they would be killed the following twenty-four hours, whereas the King would be ransomed instead than killed. The other soldier, Williams, agrees with Bates, saying that the King s ground for this conflict had better be worth the blood that will be shed tomorrow. When Henry hears this, it greatly upsets him. As the Gallic are garnering their soldiers, King Henry delivers a celebrated address known as the Saint Crispin s Day Speech. He tells his work forces that he wishes he had fewer of them, so that each single adult male could hold more glorification as they defeat the Gallic ground forces. King Henry ends his address in saying we few, we happy few, we band of brothers ( 4.3.60 ) . King Henry meets with Montjoy, the Gallic courier. With most of the Gallic military leaders as captives, Henry asks Montjoy if the Gallic resignation. Montjoy so confesses the resignation of the Gallic. King Henry and his Lords run into with King Charles for the first clip at the Gallic tribunal. They are run intoing to discourse a peace understanding between the two male monarchs. While the Lords are discoursing the peace understanding with King Charles, Henry begins to chat up with Catherine, King Charles girl. Catherine is hesitating at first, and she agrees to get married Henry merely if her male parent gives his permission. King Henry ignores this usage and kisses her. King Charles agrees to the paperss, which make King Henry the legal inheritor to the Gallic thrown. King Henry besides will marry Catherine, hence holding an inheritor to both the English and the Gallic throne. The drama ends with the promise of Henry and Catherine s matrimony. William Shakespeare, in both Henry V and Othello, portrays the highs and deepnesss of glorification. Both Othello and King Henry enjoy the celebrity and power ensuing from their glorification. Glory can make astonishing things for people, but it has its disadvantages. For illustration, Iago s green-eyed monster of Othello causes him to be after how to destruct Othello s life. King Henry besides experienced the booby traps of glorification. Three of King Henry s work forces attempted to assassinate him, and one of these work forces was his close comrade. These two dramas show how sometimes glorification is non ever what its made out to be. Plants Cited Bloom, Harold Modern Critical Interpretations, Othello Ed. Harold Bloom: Chelsea House New Heaven Ct. 1987 Shakespeare, William Othello Ed. Barbara A. Mowat: Washington Square Press, 1993 Shakespeare, William Henry V Ed. Barbara A. Mowat, Paul Werstine: Washington Square Press, 1995 Snyder, Susan Beyond the Comedy: Othello Ed. Harold Bloom: Chelsea House New Heaven Ct. 1987 32d